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Customer developer’s functions

Management company. Leading projects

Preparing documents for investment projects of any complexity (DED, TDA, TR, TS etc)

Construction and assembly works

Industrial and civil facilities construction. All kinds of construction and assembly works.

Electric installation works

All kinds of electric installation works for electrical grid facilities of voltage rating up to 500 kV, including secondary systems and engineering networks. Constructing distribution networks 0,4-10 kV.

Start-up and commissioning works

Adjustment of protective relay devices, control mechanisms and automated devices with electromechanic, semiconductive and microelectronic hardware components


Designing Terms of reference, technical conditions, obtaining initial permit documentation. Preparing EAD at any level of complexity. Accompanying support of project appraisal. Author supervision.

Specialized construction works

Installing "walls in the ground". Cementation and chemical grouting. Injectible dewatering. Ground anchorage installation.

Maintenance of plant electrical facilities

Operation and maintenance of electrical facilities at major industrial plants and objects. Maintenance and replacement of machinery at delivery points 6-500 kV. Rectification of the consequences of natural disasters in distribution networks

Integrated supplies of equipment and materials